4 Ways to Personalize a Funeral/Cremation Service on a Budget

Posted on January 23, 2019 by Circle of Life Cremation and Burial Centre under Cremation Services, Funeral/Memorial Service Planning
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Planning a funeral, cremation or memorial service that is really meaningful can be difficult to do. But here at Circle of Life Cremation and Burial Centre Inc., we know how to make funeral services personal while at the same time affordable.

Here are five suggestions that will help you personalize a funeral service without going over your budget:

Write a Personalized Obituary

Resist the temptation to use one of the many obituary templates available online. Taking the extra time to make your loved one’s unique is important.

Creating an obituary that accurately represents the deceased individual will resonate well with family, friends and other guests. A personalized obituary will add a sense of intimacy and create a connection between those who are grieving.

Choose a Theme

Although themes are traditionally used at birthdays and weddings, choosing an appropriate one for a funeral service can instantly add a sense of personalization to the event.

Once a theme is chosen, select appropriate flowers, music and decorations that pair well together.

Consider notifying expected guests with the theme ahead of time so that they can dress appropriately if desired.

Incorporate Personal Items at the Funeral

Making the service personal goes so much further than simply choosing the deceased’s individuals favourite flowers.

Think about the favourite items your loved one had and then try to think of ways to incorporate them into the funeral or memorial service. For example, a baseball fan could have their glove placed inside the casket; a fisherman’s pole could lean near the altar.

Rather than choose from a textbook list of traditional funeral songs, don’t be afraid to play your loved one’s favourite music before or after the ceremony.

Use a Special Scent to Evoke Positive Memories

When planning a funeral or memorial service, many people forget about the power of our noses to conjure memories of a special person.

Was your loved one a fan of the beach? Lighting a coconut scented candle at the funeral location will help personalize the occasion.

Although it may take more time to plan, a personalized funeral, cremation or memorial service provides a much better opportunity to honour the life of your friend or family member.

Let Circle of Life Cremation and Burial Centre Inc. help you plan a personalized funeral service for your loved one. Contact us today for more information about our services.


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