Circle of Life Cremation and Burial Centre’s Aftercare Program

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The Importance of Aftercare

After the death of loved one, it can be overwhelming to deal with the numerous practical, emotional and estate matters that arise. We at Circle of Life Cremation and Burial Centre recognize how difficult dealing with such issues can be and are offering their Aftercare Program to help guide you through the process.

Circle of Life’s Aftercare Program

The licensed staff at Circle of Life Cremation and Burial Centre are here to make things as easy as possible during this time period. Following the death of your loved one, we take the time to sit down with you and review the numerous tasks at hand. We will help you navigate the complexities of applying for government death benefits, as well as help you address other important matters requiring attention. Our checklists and guidelines assist the next of kin or executor with remembering to complete some of the finer details such as cancelling monthly services, credit cards, driver’s license and re-directing the mail.

An Ongoing Resource for Families Before, During and After the Death of a Loved One

Our licensed staff are here to give you qualified advice during this difficult time. However, valuable estate professionals such as lawyers, accountants and financial planners will still need to be consulted to work out other details. We will work together with you to make this as seamless of a transition as possible.

Open to Anyone in the Community

Regardless of whether you have chosen Circle of Life Cremation and Burial Centre to help you honour your loved one’s life, or another provider, our Aftercare Program is here to help you. This professional service is available at no cost and aims to provide expert advice and assistance to anyone requiring help.

Other Ways of Helping You Cope

Besides dealing with the practical matters, we know that there may also be emotional upheaval associated with losing a loved one. That’s why we offer not only online grief support groups including online counselling services, interactive videos or daily, inspirational emails, but also private counselling sessions with Bev Wilson. Our Executive Counselling Director, Dr. Virginia Simpson, brings years of professional experience to all counselling sessions and highly recommends this set of grief counselling resources.

Whatever you require – using our funeral home, receiving emotional support or helpful literature – know that Circle of Life Cremation and Burial Centre’s professional staff is here to help you in any way possible. You are truly not alone when you let us assist you through this difficult time. Contact us today for more details by calling 905-628-8558.

Circle of Life Cremation and Burial Centre

Circle Of Life Cremation and Burial Centre Inc. was established years ago, and serving families has always been our focus. We take pride in being able to guide families through some of their most difficult days, and maintaining a setting that allows people to find solace. Celebrating life is our mission.

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