How to Effectively Handle Stress during the Holidays

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The Christmas season is a special time to gather close to family and friends. However, there’s one certain visitor during the holiday season that i s not welcomed at your doorstep.

Whether it’s a result of trying to find the perfect gift for your child or with getting your home prepared to welcome guests, stress often becomes an unwelcomed guest throughout the festive season.

But, there are ways to deal with this uninvited guest! Use our tips below to learn how to deal with stress this holiday season.

#1) Prepare for the Holidays in Advance

Become as organized as possible this Christmas. Create a spending limit, and stick to it when purchasing presents or food for a holiday gathering. Share a to-do list with family members so that all festivity preparations do no fall solely on you

#2) Recognize Your Limitations

Beginning to feel overwhelmed by invitations to holiday festivities? Remember, it’s okay to say no to an invite, rather than compromise your health!

If you’re beginning to feel overwhelmed, take a moment to yourself and focus on your breathing. When you’re stressed, there’s a tendency to hold your breath which can trigger your body’s fight-or-flight response. Taking a moment to focus on your breathing can help eliminate this response.

#3) Stay True to Your Feelings

Sometimes, Christmas is a difficult time to remain happy and positive – especially if a loved one has recently died. It’s okay to acknowledge how you truly feel.

Spend some time expressing your true feelings, rather than forcing a certain expectation of feelings on yourself. Get some support from family, friends or a qualified grief counsellor if needed.

#4) Stick to a Regular Schedule

Don’t change your schedule simply because it’s Christmas! Abiding by your regular sleep and exercise schedule as well as limiting your alcohol intake can help you deal with any stress throughout the season. As an added bonus, it makes achieving your New Year’s resolutions easier!

#5) Be Realistic

Just because it’s the holiday season, problems simply do not go away. If being around certain family and friends can cause you stress, limit the time you spend at various events.

It can be easy to get caught up in trying to create the perfect Christmas for your family and friends to enjoy. Doing so can place unnecessary stress on yourself while you’re trying to achieve unrealistic expectations.

Try to be kind to yourself this holiday season. Did you cook the turkey a little longer than you wanted to? Did you forget to purchase an ingredient for a special dish, and now the store is closed? Give yourself a break and learn to let things go that don’t really matter.

Merry Christmas from Circle of Life Cremation and Burial Centre Inc.!

We at Circle of Life Cremation and Burial Centre Inc. would like to wish you and your loved ones all the best during this Christmas season!

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