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Posted on May 23, 2018 by Circle of Life Cremation and Burial Centre under Grief and Healing
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tips for dealing with grief

No matter how much loss you’ve experienced throughout your life, dealing with grief is always difficult. And although family and friends may have experienced the same loss, experiencing grief is truly an individual event. Some people can shrug off their grief without much thought or acknowledgement, whereas others experience a process that takes hold of them entirely.

At Circle of Life Cremation and Burial Centre Inc., we help families deal with grief every single day. Here are some of our tips to help you (or a loved one) through the grieving process.

Be Kind to Yourself

It can sometimes be frustrating to deal with grief. Grieving takes time and a lot of emotion and it can affect certain aspects of your life that you never expected. And sometimes, just when you think you’ve gotten through the worse of your grieving, the simplest thing may cause it to start all over again.

You may just want life to go back to ‘how it was’ and are resistant to continuing this new way of life after your loss. But try to be as kind as possible to yourself. Recognize that you need time to grieve.

Don’t become discouraged when completing certain tasks takes longer than usual. It’s normal for your mind to become disoriented while grieving but know that this will pass.

Grief can easily disrupt your daily routine and can cause an upheaval of previous losses you’ve had in your life. Spend time honouring each individual loss.

Find Something That Works for You

Because everyone experiences grief differently, there are certain healing practices that will work better depending on the individual.

Feel like discussing your grief with other people? Family and friends can provide a lot of support to help you through this time of need.

If you’d rather talk to someone unrelated to the person you lost, consider contacting an experienced grief counsellor in your area or join a grief group. Your family doctor is a great first-stop in the search for finding this type of resource.

Need some time to process the pain on your own? Purchase a beautiful journal to provide a place to write down the emotions you are experiencing.

Meditation and yoga can also provide a different approach to healing.

Remind Yourself of Your Strength

Even though you may not feel it while dealing with grief, remember that you are strong and resilient. You will survive this latest loss in your life and become an even stronger person in the end.

Do the Best You Can

As Theodore Roosevelt stated, “do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” Grieving is a process; give yourself the time needed to care for yourself throughout this period of your life. And don’t forget to ask for help when needed from family, friends or a qualified counsellor.

Contact Circle of Life Cremation and Burial Centre Inc. for more information on our grief support services.


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