How to Cope with Anniversaries of a Loved One’s Death

Posted on August 8, 2018 by Circle of Life Cremation and Burial Centre under Grief and Healing, Grief and Loss
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After losing your loved one, you’re likely faced with small reminders of them on a daily basis. Whether it be a certain flower, a favourite restaurant or a piece of clothing, various aspects of day to day living can easily conjure up difficult memories.

Along with the small, daily reminders, anniversaries are bound to be even more emotional to get through. On days like the anniversary of your loved one’s death, finding a special way to commemorate their memory can make the day a little bit easier to get through.

Choose a Coping Mechanism that Best Suits Your Needs

Since everyone deals with grief differently, there is no uniform way to best remember your loved one on the anniversary of their death. The most important thing to realize is that you need to do what works best for you.

Some people choose to fully embrace the sadness and emotion that the day brings whereas others will try to remain positive and focus on other aspects. Yet others choose to get through this difficult day by spending it completely focused on the deceased.

However you choose to cope with difficult anniversaries, planning is key. Know when to anticipate the extra hard parts and know when to ask for help from friends and family.

Choose a Special Commemoration for Your Loved One

Beginning a new tradition is another great way to help cope with the anniversary of your loved one’s death.

Use our suggestions below as a starting point for your own brainstorming session. Soon enough, you’ll find the perfect tradition to honour your loved one’s anniversary:

  • Look through old photos of your loved one either by yourself or with family and friends
  • Make a charitable donation in your loved one’s name, or donate a few of their belongings to a shelter
  • Light a candle in your loved one’s honour
  • Do something that your loved one enjoyed
  • Write a letter to your loved one, telling them about everything that has happened over the past year
  • Treat yourself – get a massage, go on a short trip or get together with friends
  • Finish a project that your loved one was working on

Choose to Deal with Your Grief

When the anniversary of your loved one’s death is on the horizon, taking steps to become prepared is important. Knowing that you’re likely to experience an emotional day in advance can help you to better understand your feelings. Plus, it can even present an opportunity for healing.

On such an important anniversary, powerful memories of your loved one will evoke a range of emotions. Whether it’s starting a new tradition, planning a distraction or connecting with others, know that it’s okay to feel this range of emotions on these days – and other days, too.

Find a Grief Counsellor in Hamilton, Ontario to Help You Cope with Anniversaries of a Loved One’s Death

A grief counsellor can provide assistance to get you through these difficult anniversaries, too – as can the knowledgeable staff at Circle of Life Cremation and Burial Centre Inc. Contact us today to learn more about our grief support resources and to find a grief counsellor in Hamilton, Ontario.

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