How to Deal with the Death of a Parent during Adulthood

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Both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are just around the corner.

For many, these are popular, fun special occasions used to honour a parent.

But for others, they serve as a painful reminder – a reminder that they no longer have a mother or father alive to spend time with on these occasions.

Wondering how to deal with the death of a parent during adulthood, and especially on these particular special occasions? Follow our tips below to help you with your grief this upcoming Mother’s and Father’s Day.

Be Patient with Yourself

Maybe you lost your parent a couple of weeks ago.

Or maybe it’s been a few years.

Regardless of when your mother or father died, it’s important to remember that grief is not on a timeline. It can crop up at the most unexpected times – days, months and even years after you’ve lost a loved one.

And when there are special occasions devoted to celebrating these important people, it can be especially challenging.

Be patient with yourself. It’s not necessary to “move on” and forget the person who died. Instead, you should attend to your grief and honour the person who died in whatever way feels best.

However you choose to spend the day, take some time to reflect on good memories from your past involving your parent.

Create Other Rituals

If your parents are buried at a cemetery, then Mother’s or Father’s Day is maybe a great time for a visit.

Or maybe you want to continue a similar tradition to what you did in the past. When your parent was alive, how did you celebrate Mother’s or Father’s Day?

Was it planning a visit, taking them a card or bringing them a small gift?

Did you go out for dinner at their favourite restaurant?

Think about what your parent loved and try to incorporate it into the upcoming special occasion. Maybe it’s by making his/her favourite meal or sifting through old photos. Or maybe it’s by writing the sentiments in a card that you would want to express to your loved one if he/she was still alive.

Embrace Your Feelings

It can be difficult to avoid feelings of envy or sadness when you see other families celebrating on these special occasions.

But don’t feel bad about feeling the various emotions that you may feel around these special occasions! It’s okay to let yourself feel the emotion that you are experiencing.

Dealing with the death of a parent during adulthood can be difficult enough on a regular day. With Mother’s and Father’s Day devoted to honouring these two special people, it can be even more challenging.

We’re here for you if you need extra help dealing with your grief – today and always. As providers of funeral and cremation services in Hamilton, Dundas and the surrounding area, we have numerous grief resources available. Contact us today for more details.



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