How to Write a Condolence Card

Posted on July 4, 2018 by Circle of Life Cremation and Burial Centre under Grief and Loss
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Writing a message in a condolence card can be one of the most difficult things you’ll ever have to write. Finding the right words to both honour the life of the deceased plus show your support for the bereaved can be next to impossible. Even so, don’t let that prevent you from sending a condolence card. With our tips below, we make the task of conveying your sympathy a little bit easier.

Realize the Reality

The first thing to understand when composing a condolence card is that there are no ‘perfect words’ to write. Since there is really nothing that can be said to heal someone else’s heartbreak, the next best thing is to show your support. And that’s exactly what a condolence card accomplishes.

Once you realize that the act of sending a condolence card in itself is what counts, the pressure with what to write inside dissipates.

What to Include

Writing a condolence card does not have to be challenging once you keep the card’s main purpose in mind: to show your support.

Many cards begin with mentioning that you’re thinking of the family during this hard time. If there are any special memories you have of the deceased, now’s a great time to share them. If you’d like to offer your help with getting the family through their heartache, feel free to mention it in this card. End the card with mentioning how much the deceased person will be missed.

Making it Extra Special

Depending on your relationship with the deceased person, you can make your condolence card truly special.

Try including a personal memory or a photograph to add a personal touch to your card. Think about the type of positive impact the deceased person had on your life and share this here.

If you don’t have something personal to mention, an inspirational quote or religious scripture can make your condolence card unique.

Tips to Keep in Mind

It can be hard to know what’s right or wrong to include in a condolence card. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • It’s okay to mention the name of the person who died
  • Keep it natural and heartfelt
  • Length is irrelevant; even a short note shows you care!
  • Use written stationary; try to avoid emailing or texting your condolences
  • Send your condolences as soon as possible after you hear about the death

Trying to choose the proper words to convey your sympathy can be impossible to find. But the thoughtful act alone of sending a condolence card shows you care…and will mean a lot to the bereaved’s family. Opening your heartfelt card may be the exact thing needed in their day!

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