Keeping Your Loved One Close with Memorial Jewellery

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Each and every family that we encounter has differing opinions on final arrangements for their loved one. But there is one thing that’s constant amongst many of the families we assist: their hope to keep the memory of their loved one alive. Our line of memorial jewellery enables families to do just that.

Comfort Provided by Memorial Jewellery

The desire for tangible comforts is understandable after you’ve lost a family member or friend. At times, you may be willing to do almost anything for just one more moment with your loved one.

It’s amazing how quickly a certain smell, a specific noise or a certain object can conjure memories of the deceased. Memorial jewellery provides the ability to touch and grasp something that instantly provides a connection to someone we’ve lost. Many times, that is what leads our clients to choose one of our beautiful jewellery pieces – the ability to feel connected to their loved one.

Some keepsake memorial jewellery even provides a way to safeguard ashes and provide an even deeper personal connection to memories.

Beautiful Cremation Pendants 

From pendants and bracelets to earrings and lockets, we offer plenty of options when it comes to memorial jewellery. Some options are available by visiting our website whereas others are available through special order with our suppliers.

Since 1985, H.S. Eckels has been offering a wide selection of the finest memorialization jewellery. Cremation pendants including filigree hearts and cylinders are available in sterling silver and 14K gold. Their Murano collection features specialty pendants that are made from Murano glass. A small opening in the beautiful pendants allows a small quantity of a loved one’s remains to be securely enclosed.

Other suppliers we carry include Les Urnes Funéraires Joyal & Allard Inc. and LoveUrns Treasure Cremation Jewelry. Both offer a variety of fine jewellery to commemorate your loved one.

Other Options to Memorialize a Loved One

Besides memorial jewellery, are you interested in other choices to remember a loved one?

Our collection of beautiful keepsake urns include numerous options in wood, pearl, pottery and more. We also have tealight keepsake urns that provide a spiritual method of honouring a loved one through the light of a candle.

Our business relationship with local artist Isolde “Issi” Schuett can provide you with one-of-a-kind stained glass pieces.

When it comes to memorializing your loved one, there is no right or wrong way. We encourage all of the families we see to learn about all the options. Our staff are experienced to work with you to find the perfect memorialization for your loved one.

Interested in hearing more? Contact us by calling 1-905-628-8558 or by visiting us online.


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