Pre-Plan Your Funeral: Why It’s Important and How To Do It Successfully 

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it's important to pre-plan your funeralFuneral, cremation and memorial services involve a lot of difficult decision making. These decisions can be stressful enough to make as the individual him/herself but planning someone else’s service can be even harder.  

Here’s why it’s crucial that you preplan your funeral as well as tips on how to complete it successfully. 

The Importance of Pre-Planning Your Own Funeral 

One of the biggest benefits of preplanning your own funeral is the peace of mind it brings to both you and your family members. 

Because your final arrangements are clearly laid out on paper, loved ones are left with a clear idea of your wishes and intentions. They have the ability to ask questions and become familiar with your final arrangements while you’re still alive. Since your funeral will already be paid for, family and friends are relieved from the unexpected financial strain of paying for a funeral. 

Knowing that your loved ones are relieved of the financial burden of making your final arrangements provides comfort to you, too. Plus, you can take advantage of pre-financing, which guarantees the price of the funeral and merchandise selected. This provides cost savings compared to purchasing your funeral at a later date in time. 

How to Preplan Your Funeral 

One of the first steps to take in pre-planning your funeral is to have an open, honest conversation with close family members. Educate them about your final wishes but also be open to hearing what might be needed at your funeral to meet their own emotional needs. 

Next, you will need to research a funeral home to find the best choice that meets your needs. Depending on your budget, meaningful funeral, cremation and/or memorial choices will be presented to you.  

Once you choose a funeral home, a funeral plan will be drawn up including your biographic information, venue choice, disposition, participants and more. Pre-funding options will be discussed and decided upon.  

Besides keeping a copy of your final pre-planning arrangements at the funeral home or cemetery, a copy could also be kept in a lockbox or with a lawyer. Let your family members know where these important documents can be found. 

Planning your funeral may not seem like something you want to think about now – and we understand that. But since death is a natural part of life, pre-planning your funeral service can make the process much easier for everyone involved. It also ensures your final wishes are exactly as you wish.  

For more information about how to preplan your funeral, contact us today.  

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