Remembering Loved Ones during the Holiday Season

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Carrying on with life after someone close to you dies is hard. This can become even more challenging during a special occasion or holiday.  

At Circle of Life Cremation and Burial Centre Inc., we know that remembering a loved one during a special time can help ease some of the pain. Follow our tips below to incorporate your loved one into the upcoming Christmas season. 

Choose a Special Holiday Decoration  

Selecting a specific ornament is one of the most common ways to commemorate a loved one during the holidays. Choose something that brings memories of your loved one to mind whenever you look at that particular ornament. If you’re crafty, think about making your own commemorative ornament that could include personalized details like a photo or a date. 

Spend Some Time to Reflect 

Christmas is a season meant for traditions and memory making. If you’ve lost a loved one, be sure to spend some moments either by yourself or with family and friends to reminisce about your loved one. Sharing stories, laughs, and tears with each other is a great way to include your loved one in the holiday season. 

If sharing memories out loud is too difficult for you to do, consider writing a personalized letter to your loved one instead.   

Create a Photo Display 

Whether it’s displaying a few old pictures or setting out an entire photo album, place photos of your loved one in a location easily accessed by holiday visitors. Photos are a great way to start a conversation reminiscing about old times. 

Cook Something Special 

The Christmas season is full of good food and treats shared with family and friends! A great way to honour your loved one is to cook or bake their favourite dish and share it at a family gathering.  

Begin a New Tradition 

The holiday season is a time full of traditions – both old and new. Choose something about your loved one to honour with a new tradition.  

Did your loved one always watch a certain holiday movie on Christmas Eve, or enjoy a favourite beverage throughout the holiday season? Find something that will make you remember your loved one fondly each time you practice this new tradition. 

Light a Candle 

Lighting a candle is a wonderful way to spend some time reflecting on a loved one. Choose a special time to light the candle that allows you to reflect on your loved one’s memories in an unhurried manner. If you’re religious, consider saying a prayer as you complete the lighting.

Make Special Memories this Christmas 

After a loved one dies, the holiday season often never seems to be the same again. However, instead of allowing your grief to overshadow the holiday season, incorporate ways to commemorate your loved one. This can help make the Christmas season an enjoyable time once again. 

For more tips on commemorating your loved one during the upcoming holiday season, contact the experts at Circle of Life Cremation and Burial Centre Inc.

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