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I find it so much fun to open up old photo albums and glance over the many fond memories and cherished pictures.  Remember the instant photos you would snap and shake and like magic the images appeared… those were the days!  With today’s technology advancements, cherishing memories has become so much more professional in quality, but keeping them all together can be a problem.  Let’s look at scrapbooking as a fun solution.


I marvel at the talent I have seen with crafters who scrapbook.   Scrapbooking uses fun materials like stickers, labels, captions and matting are now taking up entire aisles in stores.  From personal experience a family member has produced unique ways to beautify an ordinary picture and ultimately create a fascinating book!  Creativity is the key they say and with so many options you really can’t go wrong.


We all have great memories, memorabilia and pictures to share why not put them all in one book.  Here is a few things to help you get started.

1. Choose a theme or event

2. Obtain a scrapbooking album

3. Collect pictures and memorabilia

4. Cardstock, accessories, scissors, adhesives and specialty pens (optional small box)

5.  Choose a scrapbook that has a theme or colors you like

6. Collect photos, memorabilia, event programs and tickets, special notes, awards etc.

7. Use the cardstock to frame your pictures and pick accessories to dress up your pages (craft stores sell all sorsts of stickers, decorations and materials

8. Have fun cutting and pasting decorations using a variety of materials (for a green look use leaves, feathers and dried  flowers

9. Choose colorful pens to write fun captions, dates, names and more on your pages

For a DIY quick video check this out:


Organizing your thoughts, pictures, cherished mementos and special collectibles can result in a beautiful tribute book.  Having family participate can make the project more meaningful.  Looking and sharing these books can bring much joy, happiness and laughter while reminiscing through the pages.  Once the book is finished you can visit it time and time again.

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