The Top 4 Senior Living Choices in Hamilton, Ontario

Posted on May 24, 2019 by Circle of Life Cremation and Burial Centre under Financial Management, Funeral/Memorial Service Planning
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Although making changes to our living situation can be scary and unwelcomed, they are often necessary.

As we age, we are often forced to change where we live due to an increased risk of falling, health issues or a fear of isolation.

Here in Hamilton, Ontario, there are plenty of living choices available for seniors. In many cases, choosing the best one for a senior comes down to the needs, wants and financial situation of the individual.

Here are four different senior living choices, as well as how to determine which one would be best for a senior.

#1) Home Care

Staying in your own home is not only one of the most affordable living choices, but it’s often the most comfortable.

Oftentimes, you’ve lived in a specific home for many years by the time you’re a senior. You’re familiar with the home and its surroundings and have relationships with nearby neighbours and friends. For seniors with little to no health issues, only a minimum number of changes may be necessary to enjoy many more years at home.

Issues with climbing stairs? Consider installing a wheelchair ramp or stair lift. Downsizing to a small bungalow is also an alternative to dealing with the challenges of a larger, two storey home.

Recovering from surgery, or need help managing chronic illnesses? There are numerous home healthcare companies in the Hamilton and surrounding area that bring the convenience of medical care to your own doorstep.

#2) Active Adult Living Communities

Self-sufficient, independent seniors may benefit from leasing or purchasing a small home in an active adult living community. Many of these older adult communities are gated and offer amenities like a pool and clubhouse.

No longer are worries like cutting the grass or shovelling the snow yours in an adult living community! Many maintenance tasks are taken care of by subcontractors.

An active adult living community is a great option for older adults who are single and looking for social opportunities or for seniors who travel a lot and don’t want the worry of traditional home ownership while away.

#3) Independent Living

For seniors who are finding daily tasks such as laundry and meal preparations taxing, independent living at a retirement apartment or residence may be a great option.

This type of senior living choice normally includes housekeeping, laundry and meal service options. Transportation is also often available to complete errands and attend community events. Pets are sometimes welcomed and onsite staff provide a sense of security in case of emergency.

Like active adult living communities, independent living provides a wonderful opportunity to benefit from living within a community of similarly aged individuals.

#4) Assisted Living and Long-Term Care

Depending on an individual’s physical or cognitive health issues, assisted living or long-term care facilities may be the answer for suitable living accommodations.

Assisted living facilities provide daily support for personal care, mobility and medical management needs. In-room call bells or emergency phones provide direct communication to support.

From private to not-for-profit options, there are many assisted living options available. For seniors requiring around-the-clock care for serious physical or cognitive issues, long-term care facilities are available. Canadian government subsidies ensure this care is available for necessary individuals.

We deserve to age comfortably while receiving the appropriate level of support. And luckily with the many senior living choices available here in Hamilton, Ontario, we can!



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