What’s Involved with a Cremation? 

Posted on October 24, 2018 by Circle of Life Cremation and Burial Centre under Cremation Services
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Whether it’s the cheaper costs involved, its environmental friendliness or an individual’s cultural beliefs, cremations continue to rise in popularity among Canadians. 

According to the Cremation Association of North America (CANA), the cremation rate in Canada is projected to be almost 75 percent by 2020 – a huge increase from the 1960s, when less than five percent of Canadians were cremated. 

Even with its continued popularity, cremations are not for everyone. To help you decide if a cremation is the best option for your final arrangements, it’s important to consider what’s all involved.  

Deciding if Cremation is Right for You 

Sometimes, choosing whether you want to be cremated is not an easy decision. Besides considering the cost involved with cremation versus burial, it’s also important to consider the following factors: 

Religion: Each denomination has its own outlook on final arrangements. For some religions, cremations are strictly forbidden. Many other denominations leave it up to the individual to decide. 

Comfort Level: Consider the heating process involved that works on the body during cremation and ensure that you’re comfortable with this method.  

Family Traditions: If your family has a history of choosing cremations over burials, consider if this plays a factor in your own decision. 

Cremation Services Involve Many Options 

Just because you choose to be cremated does not mean you cannot still have a traditional funeral. In fact, there are many ways you or your loved one can be honoured if they choose to be cremated. 

From planning a funeral with a viewing before a cremation to holding a private ceremony where ashes will be scattered, choosing to be cremated does not limit your final arrangement options. 

Costs of Cremation 

The higher expense associated with a burial is one of the biggest reasons people consider being cremated. 

According to Canadian Funerals Online, cremations cost a quarter of what a burial costs. At Circle of Life Cremation and Burial Centre Inc., a direct cremation package costs just under $2,400. 

Compare these costs to traditional burials, which start around $3,000 and quickly increase to several thousand dollars. The cost savings associated with cremations are substantial! 

What to Do with the Ashes 

After you are cremated, the crematory will deliver your remains in a container. Unless specifically stated in your will, your loved ones can decide what to do with your ashes.  

Besides being buried, scattered or kept in an urn, remains can be kept in a cemetery within a columbarium. There are also jewellery pieces available to hold a small portion of ashes.    

For more help in deciding whether cremation is right for you, contact the professionals at Circle of Life Cremation and Burial Centre Inc. today. 

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