How to Create a Memorable Memorial Service for a Cremation

Posted on February 20, 2019 by Circle of Life Cremation and Burial Centre under Funeral/Memorial Service Planning, Grief and Loss
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Oftentimes, a memorial service is held after a loved one has been cremated.

Although it can provide a beautiful final send-off, planning a memorial service can sometimes be difficult.

Wondering what type of memorial service would best suit your family member or friend? Here are some moving memorial service ideas for families who choose cremation.

Plan a Beautiful Send-off

Think about what made your family member or friend smile. Did they enjoy nature? Were they always the life of the party? Did they enjoy getting dressed up and having an exciting night out?

Next, think about ways to incorporate their love of life into a fitting memorial service. For example, a fitting send-off for a nature lover may be to have the ceremony outside on a beautiful summer day.

Choose a Fitting Final Resting Place

Whether the ashes will be scattered or secured inside an urn, choosing a final resting place for your loved one is important. For a more traditional, sacred final resting place, a tomb, crypt or mausoleum are options to be considered.

Sometimes, family members opt to keep the urn displayed in a prominent location such as a mantle.

A scattering ceremony is a common option following a cremation. Gather family and friends together in a place that was special to the deceased to say some touching words. Before holding the ceremony, ensure that the location legally allows for the scattering of ashes to occur.

Share a Keepsake with Attendees

Create a touching keepsake that memorial service attendees can take with them in memory of the deceased person.

Suggestions include getting a favourite quote or song lyric engraved onto a paperweight or purchasing packets of seeds of the deceased’s favourite flower.

Create a Themed Display

You may already have plans to create a PowerPoint presentation that uses photos from your loved one’s life. But what about including a themed display outlining their passions and hobbies?

Including family and friends in the creation of this display is a beautiful way for everyone to get involved.

Unlimited Options for Memorial Services that Accompany Cremations

Even though a cremation has occurred rather than a traditional burial, your options are not limited for a memorial service.

Before you get overwhelmed, let us help you during this difficult time. Contact Circle of Life Cremation and Burial Centre Inc. team today for more information about our cremation services in Hamilton, Ontario.

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