Packing Your Peace of Mind While Travelling this Winter

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Travel Tips

To help us get through the long, Canadian winters, many Canadians plan to travel somewhere warm during the winter months.  

Preparing for a trip takes a lot of thought and organization: Who will be picking up the mail and taking care of the dog? Are the passports and health insurance in order? Have the rental car, hotel accommodations and flights been booked?  

But besides all the trip-associated concerns to address, have you thought about what will happen if you should die while you’re away?  

Considerations to Make Before Travelling 

Planning vacations are a time full of happiness and excitement. Although we don’t like to think about tragedy occurring, travel plans should also include ensuring your final arrangements are in order – just in case.  

Below are some considerations to put in order before boarding that plane: 

Travel Insurance Plan: Ensuring you have a great travel insurance policy and becoming familiar with what it includes is a great place to start when preparing for your holiday. Researching whether your plan includes coverage for associated costs of returning a deceased body home is something worth looking into. Should your travel insurance not include repatriation coverage, or if it is a minimal amount, we suggest purchasing repatriation insurance from your local funeral home – professionals in every country would take care of your safe return home, your loved ones only make one phone call, all the other details are looked after. Everything is paid for, you won’t need to pay up front and worry about being reimbursed. The coverage is unlimited, anywhere in the world 100 km from your principal residence. 

Current Will: This very important document appoints an estate trustee (previously called executor) who will be given the responsibility and authority to settle your estate. This person will be in charge of your funeral arrangements and should be made aware of any prearrangements you may have in place. 

Preplanning Your Final Arrangements: So many questions need to be answered when making funeral or cremation arrangements. Make it less difficult for your family by having your final arrangements pre-planned. Note this in your will, but more importantly, tell your family about your final wishes. 

Making a Difficult Time Easier on Family 

Dealing with the death of a loved one is difficult enough on family and friends. Adding to that difficulty is when a death happens in another country.  But planning ahead for the possibility of loss can make things much easier for your loved ones.  

When a death occurs, many questions need to be answered in a short amount of time. Having your affairs in order prior to travelling is the best way to enjoy peace of mind while away – for both you and your family. 

Let Circle of Life Cremation and Burial Centre Inc. Help 

Whether you have travel plans in mind or not, it’s always a good idea to have your funeral or cremation plans in order.  

At Circle of Life Cremation and Burial Centre Inc., we have professional staff well-experienced caring for families. We are dedicated to service excellence and complete everything we do with the utmost integrity.  

We post our pricing plans directly on our site. This demonstrates how committed we are to being trustworthy and transparent. Whatever you choose, we will ensure the arrangements you choose are custom tailored to your wishes. 

Contact us today to see what else sets us apart. 

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